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The Building Process

The overall building process can be daunting at times, but we are here to walk through the process with you, giving you the help you need and the freedom you want. The building process outlined below is designed to show you exactly how we will build your dream home from the constructing of blueprints to the finishing touches on a beautiful home. 



The process begins by meeting with our project manager, Matt Early. Matt will help answer questions, explore ideas, and bring your plans to life through 3D renderings to make sure you love everything about the future build. Along with the blueprints, Matt will prepare a quote so that there are no surprises along the way. 


Breaking Ground

Breaking ground is exciting because this is when ideas start to become reality. Dirt workers will come in and start preparing the lot to build on. This includes putting a driveway in, clearing trees, and digging out the footprint of the house. 



The foundation of the home is one of the most critical parts of the process because it is what your house will be built upon. Footings and walls will be constructed out of concrete and rebar to ensure a stable and level base for the home. In the case of a basement or garage, a concrete slab will be poured as the floor. Waterproofing and drain tile will also be installed to ensure proper drainage and a water tight basement. 



During framing, you will see the body of your home come to life. The walls, floors, and roofs will be framed up giving you a much better feel of the size and layout of all the rooms in the house. Any exterior decks will also be built during framing. 


Rough-In Plumbing

At this point of the project, the plumbers enter to run gas, water, and drainage, This will establish placement for all water fixtures, toilets, showers, etc. If radiant heat is chosen for your project, the coils will be run in the floor at this point as well. If you use forced air for heating, the furnace contractor would come during this stage as well. 


Rough-In Electrical

Meeting with the electricians will be a very important part of the project to ensure you get all electrical components addressed before the walls get covered up with sheetrock. This will include placement of light fixtures and switches, wifi, security systems, floor outlets for powered couches, wired window blinds etc. The electrician will meet with you to make sure you get everything you are hoping for.  



Siding and roofing will be going on at the same time as rough in plumbing and electrical. We like to get this stage done before the insulators come to ensure they the building is fully dried in so there is no risk of insulation getting wet. The siding and roofing will make the exterior of your home look finished aside from a coat of paint (which will be applied as soon as weather permits).



After the plumbers and electricians clear out, the insulators will move in and spray exterior walls, ceiling, and attic with insulation to make your home as efficient as possible. You will be able to decide if you want any interior walls or floors insulated to create a better sound barrier between certain rooms. 


Sheetrock and Paint

Next, sheetrock will be hung. Once all the sheetrock is up, the taper will mud in all the screw holes and joints to create a seamless look on walls and ceilings. At this point you can choose what texture finish you want on the walls and ceilings. As soon as the texture is applied, the painter will then be able to prime and paint the interior of the house to the colors of your choosing. 


Trim Out

During trim out, the magic happens. Floors, doors, base, and casing will all be installed, covering up all of the unfinished edges of sheetrock. Custom shelving will be put up in closets and pantries. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and bathroom vanities will all be installed. Tile work, if you choose to do so, will be installed at this point as well. 


Trim Paint and Touch up 

The painter will come back after trim is on to paint and do some touch up work. They will first patch and fill all the nail holes in the trim to make it smooth and seamless. after everything is sanded down, finish paint will be applied to all of the trim. 


Plumbing and Electrical Trim

After the carpentry trim is complete, the electricians and plumbers will come back to put in fixtures. This will be all your faucets, toilets, shower trim, lights, switches, outlets, etc. 


Final Grade

After everyone is finished inside the house, the dirt-workers will come back and do a final grade outside. The final grade will will finish/top the driveway and shape the yard around the house. This is not true landscaping of flowerbeds, planting a lawn, etc. 



We will have a final cleanup crew come through to do a deep clean and wash windows. Lots of dust and debris accumulate throughout the project so a deep clean right at the end brings a miraculous transformation to the space. 


Final Walk Through

Once everything is finished and cleaned, Matt will do a final walk through with you to train you in all of the different systems to make sure you have an understanding of how to operate everything. 


Move In!

Matt will hand over the keys and you will be able to enjoy your new home!

Thanks for building with us!
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